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Help & FAQ

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions


You can donate for tickets online on using PayPal or credit card through a Secure Payments system.

  • Go to the ‘Get a Ticket’ page here 
  • Choose your ticket option and click on NEXT button
  • Create your personal account with username and password – important to remember
  • Select a payment gateway – PayPal or credit card/Stripe – to donate online and click on SUBMIT button
  • Use your PayPal account or insert your credit card number to make your donation. Once completed the process you will be directed to a donation confirmation page

If you want to use other ways of payment for your donation to watch Euphrasia the Musical please contact donors@gsif.it

  • Once you have completed the donation process for your ticket you will be redirected to a donation confirmation page and subsequently to the WATCH NOW page to watch the musical
  • You will receive by email your receipt for the donation with payment details and the link to the special content included in your ticket (only for Special and Multiple donation tickets)


You can start watching immediately after being directed to the WATCH NOW page to watch Euphrasia the Musical.


At the WATCH NOW page, you will see Act 1 and Act 2.  You can watch for multiple times during the validity of the ticket which starts from the time you receive confirmation of your donation.

If you want to watch the musical at another time, please go to euphrasiathemusical.gsif.it, log in with your personal account (use the same username and password when you created your account and access the page WATCH NOW. Kindly ensure that you watch Euphrasia the Musical within the validity of your ticket


All donation tickets are valid from the date of your donation for the days specified for each type of ticket. The donation ticket offers you a personal pass to access the page to watch Euphrasia the musical for 3 days, 5 days, 1 week – depending on the type of ticket you have selected.

You can watch the musical more times but only within the limited period of validity of your donation ticket.  If you want to continue watching beyond your ticket validity, we encourage you to make another donation for a new ticket!


If you want to make an online donation to the Good Shepherd International Foundation to support the Good Shepherd programs in more that 70 countries go to GSIF Donation page

  • Select or fill in the amount of your donation – you can choose also to make your donation monthly
  • Click on DONATE
  • Select Payment method – credit card or PayPal
  • Insert your personal information
  • Insert your credit card number or email address for PayPal payment
  • Confirm your donation by clicking on DONATE

If you want to use other ways of payment for your donation please contact donors@gsif.it or visit https://www.gsif.it/donate/

Your donation to the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) will be used to support the programs of the Good Shepherd sisters for vulnerable girls, women and children affected by poverty, discrimination, human trafficking, migration and other violations of human dignity and human rights in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Your donation will greatly help improve the lives of thousands of girls, women and children, who are marginalized, discriminated and at risk of violence and exploitation.

In 2020 GSIF was able to help bring positive and lasting change to the lives of over 50,000 people in more than 30 countries across the world. Your donation will ensure that more and more girls, women and children are protected and empowered, and enjoy their basic human rights.

‘Be the light in someone’s day and donate to make a difference!


Euphrasia the Musical online streaming is an initiative in partnership between the Good Shepherd Sisters Singapore-Malaysia and the Good Shepherd International Foundation.

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